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Step into a gorgeous fantasy world through your screen

Hand-painted desktop wallpapers and realistic folder icons


Explore my unique desktop wallpapers painted on digital canvas and our artistically refined, finely drawn icons, created using a line-by-line combination of digital and classic techniques.


Transform your desktop into a




Is it possible for an adult in their late thirties to completely change her life? Would it be the right decision to leave everything behind and move to a new country, to learn a new language, develop new traditions and face new challenges? Would it be crazy to plunge into artistic self-expression overnight without any education in Art? Is it possible for her to have the courage to expose all these attempts to the world and to reveal her deepest source, thus facing her vulnerability? How does art become therapy? And is it really true that God created us in his image, and that the meaning of life is accomplishment through creation?

I am searching for answers to these questions while creating my Art.

I live in France, in the immediate surroundings of a 19th-century neo-classical chateau, which is all the more special for its beautiful park, diverse natural beauty and the sight of horses in the wild. This milieu undeniably influences my work, which is why I mostly find inspiration in the richness of form and the magical ambience around me. My main motivation and topics are capturing nostalgic moments. I am grateful to be able to choose between modern technology and classical art techniques. By occasionally combining them, I can make my work widely available. You can find these initial pieces in the Digital Downloads menu. If one single person, at least, finds pleasure and solace in my art, then I shall be delighted and all my commitment has been worthwhile.

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